Colossloth-Outstretch Your Hands For The Impress Of Truth

The much revered Cold Spring Records have long been the purveyors of quality outsider music, the release of this album by Leicester’s Colossloth proves there is still  no signs of a drop in quality.

There is no way of dressing this up, this is an abrasive collection of industrial soundscapes and white noise, it will take a lot of people out of their listening comfort zone. The results though are ultimately rewarding, because hidden in the sounds of malfunctioning circuitry and electronic chatter are moments of beauty and calm. Take for instance the album highlight ‘The Nameless Saint’ a gentle piano melody underpins the surrounding chaos, giving the listener a focal point that puts the maelstrom of sound onto the back burner . It is the kind of album that will have you discovering  new textures and sounds with each and every listen.

I am sure for those of you who give this album a listen you will find your own comparisons for me it’s part ‘Suicide’,’Merzbow‘, the noise of ‘Teeth Of The Sea‘ or even ‘Gnod‘. Lets be honest even if I am partly right with those comparisons you know your in for a treat.




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