The Best Of 2015 Round 2 Results

So now it’s getting really hard!!! In just one day alone I played the first six albums in order of the list below. I then spent the rest of the day with a face like thunder. There was a lot off inner turmoil, wailing and gnashing of teeth. The one thing it has made me realise is how much these albums have come to mean to me in the last twelve months and all for very different reasons, but I think that its the cross we carry for being such fans of music. Songs we would usually despise end up being personal favourites for reasons it almost impossible to explain to our eagerly enthusiastic peers.

The Left Outsides Vs Hills

The winner of this little contest is ‘Hills’. The Hills album  was one of the high points of the year for me and I think a lot of that was anticipation and wow did they deliver.

I have become a big fan of ‘The Left Outsides’ this year and I hope they get round to playing if not in Leicester, then somewhere not too far because I have a feeling that the live experience would be something else.


TBWNIAS Vs White Manna

As with the last result this is such a hard choice. I have chosen TBWNIAS,   this has a lot to do with the fact I love their previous album ‘Pathfinder’ . Which this new album somehow managed to surpass.

I have played the White Manna album countless times this year and their is literally no reason why every fan of driving psych should not own this.


Minami Deutsch Vs You’re Smiling Now But We’ll All Turn Into Demons

Minami Deutsch win this because they have quite simply released one of the most played albums of the year in Heathen Towers.

If I was splitting these albums into sub genres then ‘You’re Smiling Now But We’ll All Turn Into Demons’ would winner the stoner psych category  hands down.

Gnod Vs Evening Fires

Gnod’s triple album of sustained, organized chaos marches through to the next round.

Evening Fires are one of those bands that get under your skin and and worm their way into your sub conscious. If you haven’t already go treat yourself.

Teeth Of The Sea Vs Dead Sea Apes

Dead Sea Apes win, and after repeated listens it came down to the closing track on ‘Dead Sea Apes-Spectral Domain’ (Sixth Side Of The Pentagon) is probably my track of the year.

It is my belief that everything ‘Teeth Of The Sea’ do is brilliant. ‘Highly Deadly Black Tarantula’ distilled everything they have done before and showed us a possible future sound, but as always expect the unexpected.

Hey Colossus (IBAG) Vs Gnoomes

Again both these albums are just sublime. ‘Gnoomes’ have to get the nod on this one the only reason for this is that it was my feel good album of the summer, whenever I listen to this album it lifts my spirits.

‘Hey Colossus’ have produced two fantastic albums this year and both have been absolute blinders. On top of that they played one of the best live gigs at The Musician in Leicester which include equipment overload to the point of meltdown.


Myrrors Vs Workin’ Man Noise Unit

I love the way ‘Myrrors’ create such beautifully textured music such a gentle  and seemingly relaxed approach. So to my surprise I gave the nod to ‘Workin’ Man Noise Unit’, I think they just appeal to the noisy punk in me and ‘Crusin’ The IDR’ is just one of the best driving songs ever.

Cathode Ray Eyes Vs Devil Worshiper

‘Cathode Ray Eyes’ win this with an album that features a dazzlingly array of sounds that capture both the light and dark side of psych.

Devil Worshiper’s debut points to a very exciting and complex future one which I will be following with great interest.

Next round draw coming up!


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