The Best Of 2015 Round 1 (results)

After spending the last week or so giving all of these albums a listen, here are the the results. The funny thing is if I started this again today there might be a different set of results. So if you see your favorite go out remember it’s just for fun.The sixteen winners will be drawn against each other and the results will be published in the very near future. . drum rolls if you please….

Evening Fires-Where I’ve Been Is Places…. Vs   Trembling Bells-The Sovereign Self

Evening Fires  This is a clear winner for me it’s an album full of meandering acid fueled experimental rock brought on a whim because I like the album art. Trembling Bells were one of the live highlights of the year, a mixture of new and old sounding English folk with a twist of acid and prog.

Gnaw Their Tongues-L.V.   Vs   Hills-Frid

Hills win this with their blistering follow up to ‘Master Sleeps’.                       Gnaw Their Tongues delivered arguably the best extreme metal albums of the year, full of textured soundscape, an intense listen from start to finish.

Sunn O)))-Kannon  Vs Teeth Of The Sea-Highly Deadly…..

TOTS win! Those who know me will understand the struggle that I’ve had picking a favourite out of these two. Sunn O))) are one of my all time favourites, maybe comparing this to the epic ‘Monoliths and Dimensions’ album is futile, but this album is at the moment just a bit safe for them.

Gnoomes-Ngan! Vs  Zone 6- Love Monster

Gnoomes Win. An Album of breezy motorik beats, easily one my most played albums of the year. Zone 6 were introduced to me by Andy from Dayz Of Purple And Orange whose reviews could convince me to buy anything and in this I’m glad that I did.

Early Mammal-Take A Lover  Vs  Workin’ Man Noise Unit-Play Loud

This was the hardest draw, both were released on the much loved Riot Season Records and both are this would make my top 10. I am going to go with Workin’ Man Noise Unit but just because I have to pick one, I urge you all to Check out Early Mammal if you have not already.

Dead Sea Apes- Spectral Domain  Vs  Hey Colossus- Radio Static High

Dead Sea Apes win! An absolutely faultless album from start to finish. Hey Colossus released two albums this year both proving that the band are right in the middle of a very exciting purple patch.

Shit & Shine-54 Synth…  Vs Cathode Ray Eyes- Eyes In The Melancholy Palm

Cathode Ray Eyes Win! An album of deep groups and hidden delights. Shit and Shine again proving that true psych is about pushing the outer limits of sound.

Josefin Ohrn and the Liberation- Horse Dance Vs  Hey Colossus-In Black And Gold

Argh! Why have I decided to do this! Hey Colossus Win! In Black and Gold has been on the deck here at Heathen Manor most of the year and has been a firm favourite since its release. The  Josefin Ohrn vinyl arrived this week after a long wait, it is great to hear it on wax rather than through tiny speakers, definitely one to watch.

You’re Smiling Now…- Population iv  Vs 10000 Rusos- S/T

10000 Rusos played Leicester earlier this year and absolutely smashed it, but the winner has to be you’re smiling now but we’ll all turn to demons. The album was released very early on this year and has remained a firm favourite.

Sonic Jesus-Neither Virtue Nor Anger Vs The Left Outsides-The Shape Of Things To Come

The Left Outsides win this with their sublime take on acid folk. Sonic Jesus are such a good band and I can’t wait to hear what they do next.

Follakzoid -iii Vs DevilWorshiper-S/T

I give this to Devil worshiper whose debut album is not without fault but deserves a mention and a place in the next 16 just for being a daring debut. Follakazoid are making real waves now and this album shows why.

White Manna-Pan Vs  Blown Out- Jet Black Hallucinations

Simon Delic’s review got me into the Blown Out album I’m just gutted I didn’t get round to buying it, I may have to break with tradition and  buy a digital copy. White Manna win this though, it really has been one of my 2015 highlights.

Evil Blizzard-Everybody Come To The Church  Vs The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol-Masters Of  The Molehill

What is not to like about Evil Blizzard? A favourite blogger whose reviews I read a lot, is a big fan, his enthusiasm for the band is infectious, check him out here? Unfortunately TBWNIAS pip them to the top spot, with glorious take on a kinder British stoner.

Gnod-Infinity Machines  Vs  The Citradels-A Night Of Contemporary Feedback Music

Two completely different albums, but equally two great albums. The Citradels have created fine album of experimental 60’s inspired music. Unfortunately they have came up against what I regard as not only one of the stand out albums of the year but a benchmark for future bands who wish to push themselves. Gnod win.

Minami Deutsch- S/T  Vs Les Sorciers Du Theil  – Polyte De Thurles

An old and very dear friend put me on to Les Sorciers his blog, his friendship and his love for music have often inspired me. As for Minami Deutsch their debut album has really hit the spot for me this year for that reason they win.

Sleaford Mods-Key Markets  Vs The Myrrors-Arena Negra

I sincerely think that music needs Sleaford Mods. Those potty mouthed Midland anger merchants may just be enough to inspire a new youth movement of politically thoughtful music. The Myrrors nip this however, for making some of the most enjoyable music around.



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