The Best Of 2015 Round 1

I do love a list and I do openly admit to being like the shop owner in the movie ‘High Fidelity’. I am constantly rewriting lists or inventing new ones, ’10 greatest bands from the East Midlands’,’10 biggest album let downs’ or maybe ’10 most enjoyable lists to compile’.  So here is a new way of compiling this years list, now I have to admit that this was not my idea, I stumbled upon it whilst looking online, however, I forget where I first saw it, therefore it is unfortunate that I am unable to credit the author (sorry if you are reading this).  The basic idea is I wrote down my top 32 albums of this year, which in my opinion has been a vintage year for great music. I have left out Compilations, (Cardinal Fuzz’s Stay Holy would win that for the White Manna track alone), Live albums ( Hills win by a country mile) and what I call staples Saxon,Maiden, Pete Morton etc. Each album was then drawn out of hat by wonderful wife and children and the battle for number 1 album begins. Its all a bit of fun and to be honest every single one of these albums are brilliant otherwise they wouldn’t be here.

Evening Fires-Where I’ve Been Is Places…. Vs   Trembling Bells-The Sovereign Self

Gnaw Their Tongues-L.V.   Vs   Hills-Frid

Sunn O)))-Kannon  Vs Teeth Of The Sea-Highly Deadly…..

Gnoomes-Ngan! Vs  Zone 6- Love Monster

Early Mammal-Take A Lover  Vs  Workin’ Man Noise Unit-Play Loud

Dead Sea Apes- Spectral Domain  Vs  Hey Colossus- Radio Static High

Shit & Shine-54 Synth…  Vs Cathode Ray Eyes- Eyes In The Melancholy Palm

Josefin Ohrn and the Liberation- Horse Dance Vs  Hey Colossus-In Black And Gold

You’re Smiling Now…- Population iv  Vs 10000 Rusos- S/T

Sonic Jesus-Neither Virtue Nor Anger Vs The Left Outsides-The Shape Of Things To Come

Follakzoid -iii Vs Worshiper-S/T

White Manna-Pan Vs  Blown Out- Jet Black Hallucinations

Evil Blizzard-Everybody Come To The Church  Vs The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol-Masters Of  The Molehill

Gnod-Infinity Machines  Vs  The Citradels-A Night Of Contemporary Feedback Music

Minami Deutsch- S/T  Vs Les Sorciers Du Theil  – Polyte Deshaies

Sleaford Mods-Key Markets  Vs The Myrrors-Arena Negra

So there you have it, no links,no picture  and no videos. Just a massive head to head battle. The 16 winners will go into a hat to be drawn again.




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