The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol-Masters Of Molehill

I was lucky enough to bag a copy of last years ‘Pathfinder’ album which became a bit of permanent fixture on my turntable so there was no hesitation in ordering this new album from the folk over at Cardinal Fuzz. Since arriving it has probably spent more time on my turntable than any other album this year! I shuffle, grin, gurn, and 2,3,4, repeat and geetar!

The thing is ‘Masters Of The Molehill’ is one of those albums that demand to be played in full, again and again and again. Every track just burns and grooves. More than anything it sounds like a band together in one room just playing because they want to play and because the enjoy it. You can picture the knowing looks between members as they acknowledge as new bass run or a drum fill, like the old footage of Neil Young and Crazy Horse. Then there is that groove, yeah that groove THE groove….and grin and nod and gurn and 2,3,4 air drum fill.

Blasting from track to track whether it be those Hawkwind styled grooves or a tripped out intro these wonderful folk just keep delivering. Even as I try to write about how much joy this album is bringing me, the track ‘God 2’ has hit the five and half minute mark, which is a slow burning spaced out, break down which slowly builds back into its infectious riff, followed by a spiraling guitar solo, all of which is underpinned by a rumbling bass and drums that never miss a beat despite the seemingly endless fills…. And nod, and, and grin, and dance like a loon. Its been many years since I had hair but if it suddenly grew back I would be swinging it around with shameless abandon.

Maybe the best is saved for last because the slow burn of ‘Ice Rings’ is eleven malevolent, meditative minutes where time stands still and to be honest after all that dancing I needed to catch my breathe.

What an album, I think I may just play it again……and dance, and grin, and gurn and……………………..


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