Teeth Of The Sea-Highly Deadly Black Tarantula (Rocket Recordings Launch 084)

Lets get one thing clear, Teeth Of The Sea (TOTS) only play by their rules: always evolving, always pushing and always challenging in my book that puts them among the very best. There is a line that can be drawn from their debut ‘Orphaned By The Ocean’  to this album (again released on the ever reliable Rocket Recordings), it’s not necessarily a straight line but it’s a line. The challenge is where do they go from the critically acclaimed album that was ‘Master‘?

The opening two tracks namely ‘All My Venom’ and ‘Animal Manservant’ draws from the same well as songs like ‘Black Strategy’ and ‘Only Fool On A Horse’.  The slow building ‘All My Venom’ broods with menace and at times, I swear I could hear echos of Jeff Waynes War Of The Worlds.  It is from this point the album starts to reach into itself, having more in common with their imposing ‘A Field In England: re-imagined’ album. Each track is a carefully considered piece that sounds as if you are listening to the soundtrack of a Phillip K. Dick book.

TOTS have always made albums that keep your attention by filling them with varied and often astounding music. They do this by filling each of their albums with tracks that work individually but also as a complete album. Each track is full of sounds that shouldn’t work together but, clearly can when in the right way. Whether it be the mariachi trumpet, the effects drenched metal guitar, the banks of computers and keyboards and of course the tribal drums. It’s Coil, Suicide, Underworld, Morricone, Blast Beat, Cyber Punk, Soundscape, Psych, Aphex Twin, Can, Vangelis……………………. Oh you work it out, all I know is that it’s Teeth Of The Sea and it’s bloody brilliant!



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