The Citradels-A Night Of Contemporary Feedback Music

As the world of underground music swells to epic proportions, we often find ourselves in awe of the amount of original, inventive and quality artists that are out there. The Citradels are from Australia and have delivered a album of woozy psychedelic madness. I admit when I saw the album title, I was expecting something totally different so instead of the big, dirty and feed backer slap in the face produced by effects peddles and guitars. I was gently led into a room full of incense, candles and tripping hippies.

You see this album certainly harks back to 1967 and has Harrison, Jones and Ravi Shanker in mind. As we drift from track to track, we are led by sitars, tablas, flutes and all manner of layered instruments to create a very trippy atmosphere. Hidden within this mellow jaunt, are moments of madness check out ‘Darlin’ for its tape manipulation. All things come to a head with the 13:08, (get this for a title) , ‘Thank You For Coming (Agent Hershyclopse’s Rough Night Terror Conundrum)’ which as you can imagine is as mad as a goose on stilts. Filled with distant voices, electronic pulses and drones which will leave you wanting a cup mushroom* tea and playing the whole damn thing again and again. ‘Henrietta (Bedtime Lulaby)’ close the album in very Donovanesque kind of way.

Those of you who are familiar with The Citradels back catalog, may find this album a bit of a departure but I encourage you to take the plunge. They are doing something more bands should be encouraged to do, that is to jump in with both feet and see what happens…you never know they may just make an album as good as this.

*Other psychedelics are available*

NB: Since writing this review and it going to press in the next issue of Optical Sound the band have reported the sad death of Connor Tolson. This is the heartfelt announcement from the band and here you can help keep his memory and music alive.


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