Devil Worshipper- S/T (Holy Mountain)

This is a heavy album, this is a doomy album, this is a stoner,psychy, sludgy, mind melter of an album. But above all it’s a bloody good album. Devil Worshipper; is the work of one Jeff Kon who enlisted a couple of friends to help out with the recording. Although the album is largely improvisational in styling there is a definite common thread running throughout the album dealing with (as one would expect with a name like Devil Worshipper) the darker side of life and death.

Stylistically bands such early Monster Magnet, Pentagram, Wooden Shijps spring to mind. But this is an album that seems to have little concern about styles songs like ‘Ash Brume’ meanders along totally at ease with its gentle groove. ‘Into Radiation Wave’ on the other hand swings into action with some heavy rhythms and some impressive almost metal guitar work and a boat load of effects that will set it apart from the crowd. ‘Chemtrails’ is probably the album highlight clocking in at over eight minutes and making the most of a heavy riff which is bludgeoned to within a inch of its life allowing everything else to soar.

Those of you who got the point of reading Optical Sound by the way of the heavier side of music such as Sabbath, Godflesh and the underground rock/metal scene are going to find a lot to like. Approach with caution this album has teeth.


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