Shooting Guns/Hawkeyes- Brotherhood Of Nod (Helmet Lady Records)

Aw man, you are so going to get your ears burned on this one. This is full on metal, space, doom psych of the highest order. An album that can barley contain itself, but why would you want to contain something so magnificent.

Shooting Guns kick things off with three prime cuts of fuzzed up psych. Starting off with the galloping and awesomely named ‘Mega Volcano’. It’s a full on foot to the floor track that if played whilst driving may help get you from A-B a tad quicker. A drop of pace is offered by the following track ‘Halls Of Grief’ but non of the heaviness is lost, if fact the loss of pace is replaced by barely contained chaos with a speaker destroying finale, but wait, Shooting Guns ain’t done with you yet. No, these boys want to put the final boot into your precious speakers something which they do with the doom laden psych of ‘Heavy Dissent’.

Thankfully Ontario’s Hawkeyes play that twee kind of folk music you get…….IN HELL! This is that head nodding kind of stuff that relentlessly pummels you into the ground, Not in the Sabbath way necessarily (although they are there) but with a more heavy psych feel, try Earth jamming with Hawkwind. Three massive burnt offerings are delivered to the alter and all of which will please the Gods immensely.

Shooting Guns and Hawkeyes are the perfect bed fellows both are bands on top of their game and although they both play with similar style and gusto, both are different enough to keep their individual identities. Oh and if there is a Brotherhood of Nod where do I sign up, because after a week of repeated listening my head was nodding like the Churchill dog in the back window of a car that is driving down a cobbled street.


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