Workin Man Noise Unit-Play Loud (Riot Season)

When Your debut release gets rave reviews by Julian Cope you know it will probably be mentioned by every blogger and reviewer. I have promised myself I wouldn’t do this, but he hit the nail on the head so well. Workin Man Noise Unit (WMNU) seem to have an ability to make every song sound like it needs to be played and played loud (pun not intended). Personally, I can hear everything from Hawkwind,The Heads, Minor Threat to Kyuss. ‘Play Loud’ is packed with ideas and all of them work

Opener ‘With Love Supreme’ ain’t no tribute to John Coltrane, no this is more of a tribute to ’11’ and like any good opener should do, it sets out the stall for the next thirty five deafening minutes.  ‘Crusin’ The IDR’ moves things up a gear delivering a kind of Stoner Punk with a good old fashioned shouty chorus, clocking in at less than two minutes it has a genuine sense of urgency in fact the whole album races along at a pretty frantic rate. When the foot does ease off the pedal nothing is lost, it still retains its heaviness. Tracks such as ‘Black Lights’ may not race along like the previous tracks, but this feedback drenched beast sets the tone for side 2 in which a growing sense of claustrophobia starts to creep in. By the time we get to album closer ‘Jammer’ with its duel vocals, ridiculously heavy guitars and thunderous drums you realize you have just had the sonic version of a good kicking.

WMNU are going to make a lot of friends with this album and all you have to is buy this motherfucker and follow the simple instruction PLAY LOUD! Simples.

A1. With Love Supreme (3:00)
A2. Crusin’ The IDR (1:48)
A3. Icegrill 420 (2:38)
A4. Creepin’ Round (2:03)
A5. Yeah I Was Hypnotised (5:37)
B1. Black Lights (4:38)
B2. Smoke Like Hell (4:05)
B3. Hate It (3:07)
B4. Jammer (5:40)


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