Early Mammal-Take A Lover(Riot Season)

Early Mammal are one of those bands that interest me, they have a murderous sense of self confidence that has been building through each release. So… the new album ‘Take A Lover’  released on the ever reliable Riot Season had me wondering what would be lurking within its grooves.

Each track on this album comes at you from a slightly different direction it is almost like being caught up in a sonic hurricane. The thunderous openers ‘The Great German’ and ‘Inside’ are full of fuzzed up guitars and groove a plenty. Both give the listener an aural exemination, but are ultimately ruled by the aforementioned fuzzy guitar and that oh so steady groove. The big surprise comes with the next two tracks, firstly ‘Morning’ comes on like ‘Dig, Lazarus, Dig’ era Bad Seeds, it has that dark prognostic feel but with an underlying sense of hope. The laid back feel of ‘Sigh On’ adds yet more texture with a gentle vocal that cuts through the drifting melody.

Of Course this an Early Mammal album and the heavy psych is soon back ‘Glad is Night’ clocks in at over eight minutes. ‘Sak Bacle’ is an all too brief instrumental interlude before the spoken ‘Magic,Art Bell’. I am guessing this was sequenced in such a way as to give album closer maximum impact, well it worked and it worked with bells on, all heavy, loud and trippy.

‘Take A Lover’ has something for everyone who is a fan of (for want of a better term) heavy psych and will be being played on turntables around the world for quite sometime I think.


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