Minami Deutsch-Minami Deutsch (Cardinal Fuzz CFUL051)

Japan has reputation of being a bit of a hotbed for outsider music. Those of you who have read Julian Cope’s excellent ‘Japrock Sampler‘ will know this has always been the case and this has continued,through the likes of ‘Guitar Wolf’, ‘Boris’ and more recently the emerging and vibrant Japanese psych explosion that has recently birthed Kikagaku Moyo and Sundays and Cybele.

So… what do we get from this latest release from the Cardinal? Well it’s an endless stream of motorik beats that underpin every track, whilst everything else is just left to wander all over the place creating a series of relentless hypnotic pieces. Starting with the heavy breathing of the opener ‘Vocalism Ali-Forever Takemitsu’ which comes on like a panic stricken ‘Tour De France’ by Kraftwerk, before heading off into the distance. ‘Futsu Ni Ikirenai’  again has a beat like a metronome laced with an echoed vocal that has you edging towards the speakers to see if you can decipher lyrics. Then BOOM! The dirtiest fuzzed up guitars let rip, clawing at your face like a rabid dog. Side 1 closes with a short shot of the wonderfully titled ‘Terra Reciepe’.

Side 2 is another three track affair that is book ended ‘Ubergleich Parts 1&2’. Part 1 being a space guitar frenzy which ends with an all out freakathon! Then comes the almost out of place ‘Sunrise,Sunset’. It jingles and jangles, jolting the listener back to a better place. Which I think was it’s purpose because then comes ‘Ubergleich Part 2’ with its intimidating beats and calming vocal mantra.

Minami Deutsch have done with their debut album what a debut album should do, and that is left you wandering and wanting to know what is come.


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