Gnoomes-Ngan! (Rocket Recordings Launch 082)

Gnoomes are, as you will find out over coming months, from of Perm. The Russian city of Perm takes its name from the Finno-Ugric word ‘para ma’, meaning ‘Faraway land’. Which you will also read countless times over the coming months but, there is good reason most reviewers will mention this, it is simply because the music of Gnoomes does have a ‘Faraway Land’ feel to it. The band have an innate ability to create cinematic soundscapes to an unknown fantasy road movies.

The album itself starts with the fifteen minute plus ‘Roadhouse’. A slow burning prodigious tune that takes us from a gentle acoustic beginning, turning into a prime slice of motorik, that rises and falls throughout before finally finishing with a gentle reminder of where the journey started some fifteen minutes earlier.

‘Myriads’ and ‘Moognes’ show us that Gnoomes are also capable of writing short dreamy pop songs that will have you reaching for your favorite Shoegaze album and understand why the band themselves have described their music as ‘Stargaze’.

Album closer is again nigh on fifteen minutes. It is a swirling kaleidoscope of sound that rushes by in no time, yet never feels like it’s in a hurry. Pulsating beats are carried on a wave of sound punctuated by a forlorn vocal before launching off on its flight across the uncharted depths of space.

Rocket have been my go to label for a number of years now. Never at any time have I been let down in fact I am often astonished at the consistency of the quality of their releases. Gnoomes have produced an album that fits their catalog and has every chance of making the next level. Rocket have proved yet again they really are ‘Reality You Can Rely On’!


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