Jason And The Scorchers-The Musician Leicester 24/07/15

Cow Punk? I have been a fan of this genre for most of my life, although I must admit that up until a couple of years ago I never knew it was called this. I also confess that besides White Lies Jason And The Scorchers (JATS) passed me by, for me it was The Georgia Satellites, Web Wilder, The Rainmakers and Steve Earle. JATS slowly came back into my life via The Wildhearts covering ‘White Lies’ and the Warner Hodges(Scorchers guitarist) joining Dan Bairds Homemade Sin.

Now sometimes I get nervous before I go to see a band because I want them to be as good as I think they are going to be and tonight was one of those nights. Naturally I had nothing to worry about, It was honestly one of the most entertaining nights I have ever had. I use the word ‘entertaining’ for a reason, for not only did the juxtaposition of country ballads and blistering rockers work so damn well there was also the Jason factor. You see Jason can spin a yarn like few others, so his stories of forming, splitting, reforming and how songs were written etc, were brilliant and often hilarious.

Song wise the ‘Halcyon Times’ album gets a good airing and the influence of the incomparable Ginger Wildheart can be felt. Obviously those early to mid eighties albums make up the lions share of the set with most of ‘Fervor’ getting played. Of course the only way to finish the night was with big guns starting with the lyrical (and musical) brilliance of ‘Broken Whiskey Glass’. Followed by their version of Dylan’s ‘Absolute Sweet Marie’ and finally the aforementioned ‘White Lies’. Warner spun in circles, Jason through himself around the stage like man half is age and we all went home very happy people.


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