Cloudland Canyon Interview.

By using the power of modern technology, I was able to catch up with Kip of Cloudland Canyon. I took the opportunity to discuss not only Cloudland, but music in general.

I.W. So how did the whole God Unknown thing come about?

K.U. Jason Stoll e-mailed me and asked me if I wanted to do it, I didn’t realise it was out till the other day, have you got it?

I.W. Yeah! (proudly waves single in front of camera).

K.U. Ah looks great.

I.W. Now you’re coupled with Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, how much were you aware of them?

K.U. I actually met them a while ago, I think we have played at least one show together they have passed through Memphis where I live a couple of times. I am supposed to be recording their next record with them but I’m not quite sure when that’s going to happen yet.

I.W. Production?

K.U. We haven’t really got into specifics, but working together in some capacity.

I.W. The two tracks work really well together. Yours being a full on driving rhythms, and Lorelles having a lot more darker undertones.

K.U. Yeah I really like them a lot. In fact that track was something that came together really quickly quite a while back. 2013 or something I think.

I.W. 2013?

K.U. Yeah maybe even before but that sounds about right. It feels like earlier (laughs). Either way, Jason needed something pretty quick, so I went through some old stuff and I was astonished how good it sounded.

I.W. The track has a (dare I say), a real Kroutrock sound.

K.U. Yeah, er, yeah I like Kroutrock.

I.W. Oh would this be the Kroutwerk thing, has that become a millstone?

K.U. Er yeah kind of because no matter what we do ultimately that is what will get said. Which is okay I guess well it’s better than Nickleback.

Both: (Laugh)

I.W. Your sound is always seems to be progressing all the time.

K.U. I used to think about that a lot more like having a narrative or an arc, but I think I just accepted at some point that the common thread was just to do whatever I felt like doing.

I.W. Just follow your muse?

K.U. That is probably put more eloquently put than it deserves, but yeah something like that.

I.W. You have a huge amount of people over the years. Panthers, King Khan etc. This must rub off on you.

K.U. Yeah the guy who plays, I guess, the trumpet player in The Shines is one of my closest friends he was of course on the first two Cloudland records, and that’s how the King Khan thing happened we just started to find time to work together.

I.W. Also of course, Pete Kember who will be held in high esteem by most O.S. Readers, how is that collaboration coming along?

K.U. We have an LP coming out in October that he produced or, you know, co-produced.

I.W. Was he somebody you wanted to work with for a while, how did that come about?

K.U. I have a really good friend of mine who I play with, he’s Ross Johnson who was the drummer for Panther Burns and Spaceman 3 were big fans and I think Pete went to see them in New York or something, but they have known each other a long time and Ross introduced us.

I.W. Were you aware of Pete’s previous work with Spaceman 3, Sonic Boom, Spectrum etc..?

K.U. Yeah of course and I like what they do but it wasn’t the obvious thing but I like the idea of us working together because I like so much of what he has done.

I.W. You work with a lot of people do have a list of people you want to work with or do they come about naturally?

K.U. Probably the later it seems easier when it just happens naturally.

I.W. So a new album in October I guess that will take up this year work wise?

K.U. Well I also have a new album out like a solo album under the U.V. Light name that comes out in a week or so. It will come out on Medical Records who are doing the Cloudland album as well.

I.W. That’s interesting because you work with a lot of labels which is a far cry from the days when a band would sign just to one label. Does that work better for you?

K.U. Yeah I think that seems to be the deal. As of 5 or 6 ago labels wanted to hear stuff before they released it I like to do the opposite with my label. If I see a band I like or something then I want to let them do their thing.

I.W. As opposed to the pressures from the label to go in a certain direction.

K.U. Yeah I guess that’s the trade off. I feel like bands used to be on labels for longer so maybe there was more…. Am I contradicting myself? I think I would rather be on one label for a long time, but it’s also nice to do singles and splits or whatever and try different things out.

I.W. Bands in the past would sign for a 3 or 4 album deal but that don’t seem to happen anymore do you find you have more freedom?

K.U. I don’t know, good question, I guess if you think about people can put whatever they want on the internet and there is a certain freedom in that, it’s really cool that anyone can put anything out, but I feel like there is more stuff out there than ever so that’s is kind of cool but there is no survival of the fittest or Darwinism.

I.W. So Nickleback wouldn’t make it

Both Laugh

I.W. So a couple of quick fire to round things off, what are you listening to at the moment?

K.U. John Lennon’s Beautiful Boy has been on repeat because of my son, he also loves Blitzkreig Bop. Also a guy named Creig Leon his album called ‘Nommos’ I am listening to that a lot is really is the shit.

I.W. One record to save from a burning house?

K.U. Shit! I feel like Tiger Mountain by Strategy maybe my favourite album ever but that will probably change tomorrow, Funhouse by The Stooges, MC5 both made great albums but recording wise Funhouse and Kick Out The Jams are perfect.


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