Henge-Henge (God Unknown)

Henge…Henge…just let that word sink in. That is a big word, for most it will conjure images of the monoliths of Stonehenge. For the others they will know it is the earthwork surrounding the the monuments that is the Henge. So if you imagine the hundreds of neolithic monuments that are scattered across our fair isle, or indeed the world, are sleeping giants: witches or demons that have been, according to so many folk tales turned to stone, and will come to life at certain times of the year. Then the Henge just maybe the force that keeps them from wrecking havoc. Maybe a magical ditch where the old and new gods battle it out for eternity to find out who will rule the land. If you keep this image in your mind, then imagine the soundtrack to this eternal battle then you have an idea of the chaos lurking within this album.

The music of Henge is that primordial kind of stuff but not in molten lava way like Sunn O))). Its the kind of sonic battering ram that rarely lets up delivering blow after leaden blow of glorious chaos. With everything being pushed to its limit when the band do let up and let you gather your senses on tracks like ‘Wet Grave’ it reminds you that whilst enjoying the mayhem, it is all underpinned with melody and a concentrated effort to deliver some colossus tunes.

God Unknown have already made their mark in the sand with brilliant and eclectic ‘Singles Club‘, with this release I think they are making a statement in which they refuse to be boxed in. Another release for those of you who enjoy the heavier side of things ‘The Melvins’, ‘Jesus Lizard’ and maybe a touch of ‘Iron Monkey‘. To hear both sides of Henge head over to God Unknown’s Bandcamp and listen to ‘Feast’ and ‘Time Outside and enjoy their intense psych tapestry.


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