Pete Morton Live At The Musician 28/05/15

Pete Morton has been around for a while now releasing a steady flow of quality albums that have energy and passion by the cart load. I have been keeping an eye on his career from the very early days. His debut ‘Frivolous Love’ was a big part of my life on its release. It stood out like a sore thumb among my various Heavy Metal and Punk albums but received constant rotation and I still know every lyric 30 odd years on.

As has always been the case the Leicester Folk scene has a strong loyal following and this was evident tonight with a good turn out for a school night. Tonight Pete is on superb form, playing songs from his recent ‘The Frappin’ and Ramblin’ Pete Morton’. In which he merges his unique wordsmithery into a form of Folk Rap (Frap) which is augmented by familiar choruses from traditional folk songs that most will know. As always Pete’s voice is loud, clear and full of passion as he takes us on lyrical journeys around his world of observations. Even as our greed and political system is attacked undone and rebuilt there always seems to be a constant theme of optimism, so when he plays the heartbreaking and poignant ‘Shores Of Italy’  the emotional sledgehammer really comes into full effect.

On a personal level it was fantastic to hear a good number of songs from the magnificent albums ‘Economy’  and ‘Flying An Unknown Flag’ albums as well as a couple of treats from his forthcoming new album. In a time when we really could do with a band, a singer or a youth movement to speak out and show some real humanistic emotion its is good to see that the weapon called word is still razor sharp and is still being wielded in certain corners of music.


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