White Manna- Pan (Cardinal Fuzz)

white mannaWhite Manna are one of those bands that I am fairly new to. I have no idea why they have passed me by, but they did, until last year. I have however made up for lost time. You see the thing is if you don’t like White Manna on some level then I think maybe its time for you to fuck off and listen to some of them X Factor types ( harsh I know) . You see they deliver on every level. You want rock? Yeah they rock! You want groove? They have loads. You want psych? Double dip Bart Simpsons anyone?. You want space? Houston we have no fucking problem!

What I am trying to say is, if your musical taste border on the outside of the norm in any way then you will get this on some level. ‘Pan’ just pours it’s sound all over you and will leave you to figure out what just happened. You may think that you just heard some space rock of some description and you would be right, you have just heard some essential space rock that like in a Piers Anthony book, may have just transferred you to another sphere cluster and when you do get back to Earth you will be slightly changed maybe forever.


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