Playlist (March 2015)

I have decided to share with you my favourite tracks each month,  because…… I know you are all really interested. As you may have guessed I am a Vinyl junkie, however, at present my turntable is is in the living room as a result this means limited playing time. On a regular occurrence the family sit and watch shite on TV whilst I plug in my head phones and use every available platform to find and listen to music old and new. Here are the 10 songs or artist that have rock my world this month.

The Kings Of Frog Island are Leicester’s premier purveyors of high volume of swamp stoner blues. Last years ‘V’ has had some serious spins. This song is pick of the bunch at the moment.

Lantern’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Rorschach landed on my doorstep last week and has received some serious plays this track is my favourite it’s The Rattles vs Iggy’s TV Eye.

I picked up an album of sixties German garage punk  from the famous Probe Records last year. This track is by The Desperates and its called LSD. It’s simple, dumb and brilliant.

I have my ticket to see Dick Gaughan in a couple of weeks so he has featured on my playlist a lot this month. This is one of his finest.

The world of rock lost AJ Pero drummer of metal legends Twisted Sister. An on line friend of mine met him a few years back and said what a genuine kind of guy he was. I was a big fan as a kid therefore, their first album has been dusted off this month, here’s a truly great tune.

My eldest daughter may like her pop songs but I fill with pride when I hear The Temptations blasting from her room and more excitingly it’s the psych stuff she like the most. This was playing today.

Gnod Have a new album up for pre order on Rocket Recordings. Here is a teaser. Get ready for what I think is going to be a strong contender for album of the year

I have never got bored of The Doors,  their first album is never far from the turntable. I just love this version of The End.

I have been playing Cloudland Canyon non stop for a couple of weeks for reasons I shall reveal at another point. I already knew this song and it is still my favourite…. I think.

Its not often a month goes by without something from my addiction that is Cardinal Fuzz. whether it be their own back catalogue or the wonderful albums they source from elsewhere. So here is something they got from Captcha Records. The wonderful garage dirge of Buffalo Tooth. Their album ‘Gardeners of The Devil’s Lettuce’ is smashing here is the opening track on side b.



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