Anthroprophh-U.F.O. (Cardinal Fuzz CFUL034)

ufoIn 2007 I went to the ATP festival, it was curated by Portishead. This meant a very high percentage of the bands I was listening to at the time were playing and I got to see some truly unforgettable live acts Sunn O))),Boris,Earth,GZA,Julian Cope, Aphex Twin the list goes on. For some reason I didn’t get to see The Heads which has always annoyed me. As my musical journey sent me off spinning around into the darkest depths of outsider music, I pushed this annoyance to the back of my mind until in 2012 when my missed opportunity was brought crashing back with the release of the first Anthroprophh album on Rocket Recordings, of which was a new project by The Heads guitarist Paul Allen and The Big Naturals.

The first album had me hooked it was a full on noise fest and for me was a true modern psychedelic classic. I had found something that I knew I would play time and time again and always experience something new. Their next release was an EP on Cardinal Fuzz and this time was full of tribal drums electronic hums and of course Paul Allen’s guitar work outs. It was back to Rocket for their second full album and was a pure psych rock album showing even more of an expansive sound.

Then came UFO, yep then came UFO. This album is something else, something you cant quite put your finger on. It seems so otherworldly, so set in past and beamed into the future or maybe its the other way round. Like a lost artefact found in a vault that has the futures date stamped on it. Each track is named after UK UFO sightings. Radio static and chatter help create an album that needs to be heard and heard in one sitting with the light lowered to really grasps the depth of the music.

I brought this on tape on ZamZam Records initially but then the wonderful Cardinal Fuzz pressed a super sexy red vinyl with obi strip, insert and download card which has just enhanced the whole experience and help me put to bed the demons of missing The Heads (almost).


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