$hit & $hine- 54 Synth-Brass, 38 Metal Guitars, 65 Cathedral (Rocket Recordings Launch 078)

1,Check TV is turned off.

2,Check nothing is plugged in that doesnt need to be.

3,Check wiring on stereo speakers.

4,Check wiring on pre amp and all electrical connections to turntable.

5, Ensure stylus is free from dust.

6, Carefully remove album from sleeve and use a soft felt based pad to remove dust before playing.

7,Place vinyl on turntable, start turntable and use the cue lever lower the needle on to the new Shit and Shine album.

8, After a few minutes scratch head repeat steps 1-7.

9. See 8

10, Play album all the way through and realise that you not caught in a pulsing electro magnetic storm and you are in fact listening to a very unusual and quite brilliant album.


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