You’re Smiling Now But We’ll All Turn Into Demons-Population IV(Cardinal Fuzz CFUL035)

Demons As we are living through arguably one of the most exciting times in music we often find our selves looking back for inspiration. Which is fine in itself because what has gone before should not be ignored. I personally can enjoy my Venom albums that I brought back in 1983 as much now as I could back in the day. I admit some things have aged but hey so have I (with style and disgrace I may add). This is something that this Portsmouth lot (lets call them Demons for the sake of my lazy ass) do. They certainly doff their musical cap to the heavy sounds of acid munching, speaker blowing,biker psych of Blue Cheer.I mean they even called their album Population IV as a nod of respect to Randy Holden’s(impossible to find on vinyl)  Population ii. The thing is as much as Demons have one foot in the past the other is firmly planted in the present.

What Population iv gives us is 7 stonking blasts of heavy stoner psych. There are plenty of bluesy styled workouts that sit happily with the more contemporary desert sounding numbers. We are long past saturation point of the ‘Stoner Rock’ tag, so the trick is to find bands that mean it maaan (see here for what I mean) and bands such as Demons and Gonga certainly fit that bill. For me it is not just about finding a Sabbath style riff and making do, it is finding that riff nailing it to the floor and then getting your groove on and that is exactly what Demons do. This is why I think this is such essential listening.



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