Hey Colossus-In Black And Gold (Rocket Recordings Launch 077)

Bloody Hell, I mean seriously bloody, f…ing hell! I (unlike everybody else, or so it feels) Until a few year ago I had  nevWordpresser even heard of Hey Colossus, and then I had the pleasure to listen to the ‘RRR’ album on Riot Season. As you can imagine, I was made up when I heard that the ever reliable Rocket Recordings were releasing the bands next album. What I wasn’t expecting however, was something quite so bloody spectacular.  Albums like this, make it difficult to even try to find the right words, and I can’t even think of the best way to describe the joy this album is bringing me.

The artwork has left me intrigued, is it the evil circuit board found in the head of Arnie’s Terminator character? is it a Space Invaders hybrid baddie falling to its death? Either way It is the noise within that matters.

Over the years Hey Colossus have been constantly making subtle changes to their sound with each release, by the time you get to this album their sound has evolved into something quite unique. The album starts with a slow burning electronic opener (Hold On) and it left me wondering where was the pummelling noise I was more accustomed to, it felt like some kind of Spaceman 3 out take. Then comes the noise, however, on this album the sound is even more subtle in power, even more so than the ‘Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo (MIE)’ album. Yet it is the control the band have harnessed over their sound that make for such a malevolent assault on the senses. Showing a restraint and skill that will take you on this uncomfortable and yet exhilarating trip. A unhinged aural attack is a well trodden path but every sonic blow on this album has been preplanned to distort and surprise the listener and that is what is so strangely disconcerting. Hey Colossus have managed to harness the sound of so many bands from Harvey Milk to The 13th Floor Elevators and beyond and (this is important) make it work. That in itself is what makes this album so bloody incredible!



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