Gnod/Eternal Tapestry Split 7″ Single

Gnod/Eternal Tapestry- The world is good/The Dream (GOD001)

I count myself lucky to be in this new Sub Pop inspired singles club. This kind of thing is usually well out of my budget even though it very reasonably priced. Thankfully, I have a very cool sister who signed me up for a  birthday/Christmas present. So what we get is ten split 7″ singles in wonderful die cut sleeves spread over twelve months. All of this will be overseen by label boss and Mugstar bass player Jason Stoll.

First up are Gnod who offer something quite different from what I expected. Gone is the throw the kitchen sink mind melting noise that can be often heard testing the boundaries of my speakers capabilities and in place is a new (to me) sound. A crazy bat shit orgy of Saxophones is pinned down by electronic pulses and phased guitars. I played this three or four time before I even flipped the disc over. I can quite honestly say it is one of the strangest and most beautiful tracks I have heard in a long time.

It was going to be a tough act for Eternal Tapestry to follow but fear not they delivered….and then some. At just shy of six minutes this is a magnificent guitar fuelled full psychedelic journey is joy to hear. Yes I understand there have been a lot of these kind of tracks over the years but the fact remains when it is done well (as this is) it can have you just jumping around with that manic grin that good music gives you.

A very high bar has been set with this first release and just cannot wait for the next one to arrive.


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