Mamuthones/Evil Blizard-Collisions Vol 4(Rocket Recordings)

Blog PicsSo the years starts here with a delivery from Rocket Recordings and a delivery from them is enough to brighten up any day. So let me get one thing clear I am a Rocket Recordings fan I have been for a fair few years. This of course means two things firstly I could be a bit bias and secondly I expect a the usual high standard. I happy to report that I have nothing to worry about so I shall swoon away. This is part of Rockets on going Collisions seris that has seen acts such as Gnod,Shit and Shine,Mugstar,Oneida all locking horns.

Mamuthones are up first and I have admit they were only a name that had briefly passed my radar a couple of years back. Trust me the mother ship has landed filled my brain with four slices of psychedelic disco overload. Frantic beats are pitted against wah guitars and and almost satanic vocal chants that bring the great Mark E Smith to mind. Their is a definite Krautrock feel to this with Can seeming to be a touching stone. The infectious uplifting rhythms are a great way to start the years and shake of the January blues.

The same however cannot be said for Preston’s Evil Blizzard. They are filled with misery and seemingly  to take great joy in letting you know this. The way these masked purveyors of hate do this is by blasting your ears with an almost Hawkwind inspired sound that will have you going back and playing the bugger again and again just to make sure it was as good as you first thought. Evil Blizzard offer us two versions of the song Sacrifice. The first is version is an intense affair with a heavy groove that is well and truly nailed to the floor. The second version is remixed by Rocket Recordings own (and quite brilliant) Teeth Of The Sea, what they bring to the game is something quite special the groove has been turned into a haunting melody with a vocal that ebbs and flows and weaves the track into something quite special.


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