Albums Of 2014 (because everyone needs a list).

I just love a list… I love wailing and gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair as I try to put all of Neil Young’s albums in order of brilliance. So it seems only natural that I start my new blog with a list. What a year it has been and for me it has been another year dominated by the more (for want a better word) psychedelic side of music.

15. Mugstar/Cosmic Dead (Evil Hoodoo records)

Not an album as such but such is the length of these 2 wonderful slabs of sound I had to include it. Both bands are top of their game proving why they are so highly regarded. Oh and the Ox blood red vinyl looks very cool.

14. Anthroprophh 12″(Cardinal Fuzz)

More of a stepping stone from their self titled 2013 début to their 2014 masterpiece (more of which later). Its very simple Prof Paul Allen teams up with The Big Naturals and records two sonic workouts namely Precession(retrograde)(14.32) and Ebbe (17.22).

13. Teeth Of The Sea-A Field In England; Re-Imagined (Rocket Recordings)

I was chasing this for most the year after queuing up at 5 AM on RSD  only to find non in-store. Then a point blank refusal to pay over inflated Ebay prices. But just as I was just about to give up Rocket Records put the last couple up for sale and of course the deal was done in seconds. It is a fine piece of work with band proving again that musically they wont stand still.

12.Old Testament-Old Testament(Cardinal Fuzz)

Jason Simon of Dead Meadows fame dabbles in some disjointed Americana with a lovely psych touch.

11.Les Big Byrd-They Worshipped Cats(‘A’ Records)

For me they just appeared out of nowhere with a stunning début and oh what a tittle and don’t even get me started on the tri coloured vinyl.

10.Evil Blizzard-The Dangers Of……(Louder Than War)


9.Thee Oh See-Drop(Castle Face Records)

Eighth studio album from a band that never let you down. An album that ranks high among their already impressive back catalogue.

8. Sunn O)))/Ulver-Terrestrials(Southern Lord)

7.Sunn O)))/Scot Walker-Soused(4AD)

The same but oh so different with Terrestrials it the sound of two bands working to create a wall of sound that is as beautiful as it is brutal. With Scott Walker it the sound of two artist at war,locking horns to create another sonic headfuck.

6.Sleaford Mods-Divide and Exit(Hardbinger Sound)

Such a great band with lyrics that are spat with such passion that you feel like they are directed at you mixed that with a equally brilliant beats and boom your onto a winner with lots of fucking swearing.

5.The Cult Of Dom Keller-The Second Bardo(Cardinal Fuzz)

I admit I only got this at Christmas but it has barely left the turntable. An album of pure hypnotic psych that has you grooving like a spaceman baby.

4.Goat-Commune(Rocket Recordings)

After the tribal groove of their début ‘World Music’ comes their second studio album. I was worried that they would be a one trick pony but fear not the groove is still there but this time its a lot darker and oh that fuzz guitar.

3.Anthroprophh-Outside The Circle(Rocket Recordings)

This is the full on guitar psych I hoped it would be. As I said earlier Paul Allen (of The Heads no less) teams up the solid rhythm duo of Gareth Turner and Jesse Webb(both Big Naturals) to make the kind of noise you would expect with lots of the unexpected which you would expect yeah?

2.The Lumerians-Transmissions From Telos Vol iii(Cardinal Fuzz)

Four groove infused trips that fill your mind with visions of endless journeys through a psychedelic cosmos.

1.Lay Llamas-Ostro(Rocket Recordings)

With the long summer we had last year we had many a long nights around friends housea sitting out till the sun came up. Whenever it was my turn to take over the as DJ this album was played. By the end of the summer all my friends were getting down to the Lay Llamas infectious beats.

There you have it my picks for 2014.


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