Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. – Electric Dream Ecstasy (Essence Music)

Whenever, I sit and listen to an ‘Acid Mothers Temple’ album and it doesn’t matter which version or which collaboration or even which side project, I find myself sitting boggle eyed with my mouth agape, this album of course is no different!

Things kick off with ‘ From Planet Orb With Love Part 1′  which is the perfect vehicle to showcase new band members,  ‘Satoshima Nani’ on drums, ‘Wolf’ on bass and vocalist ‘Jyonson Tsu’. It’s a slow burning freak out, that may seem like it is built around the guitar work of ‘Kawabata Makoto’ but in reality this a full on, full band, freak out. We have to wait five and a half minutes before we get any vocals and the whole thing starts to come together. One of the reasons why ‘Acid Mothers Temple’ have always been so good in whichever guise they choose they always have total understanding of light and shade, the hypnotic tones and rhythms of ‘Pink Lady Lemonade (You’re My Orb)’  exemplify this. The harmonica solo gives the whole track  outta space blues kind of feel, which leads nicely to ‘Sycamore Trees’  which kind of carries on with the blues theme. This is of course ‘Acid Mothers’, gentle vocals are sung with a scratching disjointed guitar, that is until we hit the five and a half minute mark when the whole thing slowly falls in on itself in the most beautiful and chaotic way and all the time the rhythm stays tight and minimalist. The final track ‘Pink Lady Lemonade (Electric Dream Ecstasy)’  is just one of those tracks that will have you shaking your ass without realising it. It has an infectious groove, that is so infectious it should carry a health warning, with a repetitive beat that gives it a kind of Krautrock/ Disco fell, what’s not to like? The freak out starts around the fourteen minute mark which leaves five minutes of pure blissed out madness.

I’m not sure what hardcore fans will think of this but I think this is an outstanding album, there may well be better and with over seventy odd carrying the Acid Mothers name it is very likely, but for me this has become a firm favourite and will still be getting regular plays in years to come.

You buy it here


United Bible Studies-The Star of the Sea Moves Today to Its Rising (Deep Water Acres)

Sometimes you stumble upon things quite by accident and they send you off down the rabbit hole often with amazing results. I have often stated not only on these pages but to anyone who is willing to listen, how much truly great music is out there for those wishing to make an effort. This album has got under my skin, and it’s unlike anything else that I have played for sometime.

The roots of this album certainly lay within the realms of folk music, it feels organic, earthy and ancient. The album opens with ‘Frontier Auras‘ which (like the album itself) takes its time to reveal itself and still revealing nothing. The following track ‘Leumnàchn’  is a slow moving loose piece that seems to be a lament to something, of what I’m not quite sure, and it is these secrets that make the album such and unique and enjoyable listen. The album moves a glacial pace drifting from the present to what sound like echos from a forgotten past. The title track itself uses silence almost as an instrument and in the hustle and bustle of modern life this is a powerful and brave thing to do. Maybe this is the message (if indeed there is or even needs to be one) that if we should take some time just to shut up and listen and maybe to paraphrase Dylan the answers are blowing in the wind and maybe we are just too busy to listen. The album highlight for me is the eighteen plus minutes  of ‘ O Girl of the Branches’  seems to drift into the avent-garde and giving it a kind of Folk-Jazz feel to it.

I have played this album a number of times now and have found something new on each listen. It is a album that a times challenges the listener and for those open minded and patient enough to accept the challenge the rewards are plentiful and once you let this album in I expect it will stay with for a very long time.

You can find the album here and here

Left Outsides-All That Remains (Cardinal Fuzz)

It was over two years ago that I first came across ‘The Left Outside’, although their name had flickered briefly on my radar. That very album ( The Shape Of Things To Come)  was reviewed on this very blog. The album became a firm favourite, it ticked so many boxes and to get the balance of dark and light is something so many artist strive to achieve but very few do. So I have to admit that as excited as I was about a new album, it was a nervous excitement because it had a lot to live to.

The album opens with ‘The Unbroken Circle’ and it’s the kind of opener that I hoped I would hear. Mark Nicholas ( one half of the husband and wife duo along with Alison Cotton that make up the band) takes the lead. In fact it is the first two songs (the other being ‘Naming Shadows Was Your Existence’) that really set the tone for this album with the intertwining musicianship as the electric and acoustic drift in and out of each other. There are times when the album feels ancient with John Barleycorn overtones, other times it may seem almost whimsical, or foreboding, whatever emotion or story they are telling it is done so with an almost melancholic beauty. Stylistically there are artists and songs that spring to mind, Nico, Nick Drake, Mazzy Star or maybe Grantchester Meadows by Pink Floyd. Songs such as ‘Down To The Waterside’ and ‘All Those I danced With Are Gone’  resonated with me on a personal level, for reasons of which I am not sure and I think that is the albums strength. The album has a hidden power and depth that is obviously there from the outset, yet it requires further listening to reveal more layers but it never quite giving away all its secrets. The music uses melody, vocal harmonies and arrangements as its chosen weapon to snare the listener I feel that this is something that there is not enough of at the moment.

There are countless bands out there that can jam for hours or create the sound of a star going supernova and when it’s done right it is a wonderful thing, this album does none of those things, this feels like something fresh and clean. To say this is their best album to date would undermine their previous albums but one thing sure it’s going to be a long time before it’s taken off the turntable.

Copies are available here and here

The Final Age- S/T (Cardinal Fuzz)

I have no idea to where to start with something like this, because I simply have no idea what this is. It certainty dabbles in Jazz, but is by no means Jazz, at times it’s minimalist and yet swathes of sound wash over, it’s can at times seem opaque but the realisation is crystal clear. So yeah, it’s a album of contradictions. The album was conceived by Jesse Webb of Big Naturals and Anthroprophh fame. According to the press release “Webb Developed this improvisational project plainly out of a need to respond, acknowledge and overcome destructive emotion. Laboriously conceived as an accompaniment to an imagined film on themes of loss and isolation, this project is far removed from the soft drone or Philip Glass inspired piano that often accompanies one’s idea of a soundtrack. An original take on this format, The Final Age assimilates howling vocals, experimental percussion and a wide sound palette in such a way that allows a window into disjointed, feverish, ultimately Gothic scenes.”

The band (collective, project?) set out their stall right from the start with their slow building and ominous title track, as the track descends into chaos it makes way for a totally different kind of beast. The brilliantly titled ‘Trust Fund Death Camp Moan’ has a kind of ritualistic beat with which the rest of the band (Paul Allen (The Heads, Anthroprophh), saxophonist Dave McLean (Gnod), vocalist Annette Berlin (Big Joan), trumpeter Pete Judge, violinist Agathe Max (Kuro) ) are left to explore. It becomes apparent that as the album morphs from track to track that musical and emotional exploration is the focus for this album, a moot point would be the very insular, reflective, ‘2 Second Rule’ or the almost Tricky-esque  paranoia feel to ’96 Layers’. The dystopia feel to ‘Past Minus Future’. I could go on but suffice to say that each track brings something new, something fresh and revealing to the table.

This is one of those albums that captures something, I’m not sure what, it could be a sense that you are prying into the personal lives of the creators. Although in no way are they the same I can draw certain parallels to recent albums by Kuro and Mesange both of which became my albums of the year (2016, 2017 respectfully). This album however, has even more diversity, even more experimentation, which make the journey through this rich tapestry of sound so bloody exhilarating. This one of those albums that can to my mind be classed as genre defying, it dabble in so much and never outstays in its welcome. This is something that rarely works but in the hands of the right people it becomes something very special indeed.

You can buy it here and here







Dead Sea Apes- Recondite (Cardinal Fuzz)

Here at Heathen Towers, we look forward to any Dead Sea Apes (DSA) release. But this is a bit special, not only is this a double album, but if you wanted to own all of these songs on their various individual releases, you are looking at upwards of 150 English quids! So it’s a win, win situation. I won’t bother waffling on about how much I like this band because if you have read this blog at all or know me in any way, you will know they continually hit that musical sweet spot.

Tentacles (version)

The original of this appeared on last years dystopian psych dub epic ‘Sixth Side Of The Pentagon‘. This longer version (featuring the voice and words of poet Adam Stone) however, is available on the fantastic download only charity compilation Dayz of Purple and More Hope which was set up by top blogger Dayz of Purple and Orange to raise for Cancer Research.


A complete mindfuck of a track that featured on the superb Cardinal Fuzz compilation featuring the likes of White Manna, Black Bombaim, Carlton Melton and Kandodo3  all housed in a screenprinted gold on black, with a reassuringly familiar design and pressed on a matching gold and black swirl vinyl. There are even still a few left at the bargain price of £8. I was lucky enough to see DSA play this track live when I saw them supporting The Heads and it really was one of ‘those’ moments.

Planet V (version)

This featured on Dayz of Purple and Hope which again a charity download only compilation. I have to say this track is a personal a favourite of mine, Brett Savage’s guitar work out is simply brilliant.

True Believers

The original version of this appeared on the Spectral Domain album and clocked in at over nine minutes. This shorter version is from the Evil Hoodoo compilation. It may be a bit more compact but non of the impact is lost.

Land Of The Sun

Now this one was completely new to me, originally released on a Fruit De Mers compilation, this is a cover of a Skip Spence song, I think it was the last thing that the troubled genius (yes he was a genius) ever recorded and it was (I think) deemed too creepy for The X-Files! with Gabriel Minnikin providing a very convincing vocal this is daring and brilliant.

The Recognition

Featured on on a very limited  Sky Lantern Records sampler tape, we find the band in a steady slow burning mood, in fact the whole thing is rather mellow and I found quite uplifting, which I don’t think was the desired effect but that was the effect it had on me.

Universal Translator

A shortened and slightly different version  to the one that appeared on the Spectral Domain album. This version first graced our ears back in 2016 and was on the Paper Leave compilation released  by Ptolemaic Terrascope. When I reviewed the album I said of this track, “their ability to create the theme tune to the Mars landscape is something to celebrate” and I was right.

Lupine Wavelength

Released on the Drone Rock Records album Magnetic North, also featuring Vert:x, Earthling Society and Blown Out. The track itself is a slow burner with absolutely filthy sounding guitars. It is tracks like this that make you realise what a solid unit DSA are, everything works so well together, that solid drum, those snaking baselines and the aforementioned guitar all combing to make this outstanding racket.

Ruckstoss Gondoliere 

A Kraftwerk (well I say Kraftwerk, some would say it’s closer to band Organisation, but I’m no expert)cover from 2012 featured on the Fruits De Mer compilation ‘Head Music’. It has a very kind of fluid sound. This is actually a bit of a revelation for me because not only did I not know this existed, but I was only vaguely aware of the original which is superb.


I must have took my eye off the ball at some point because according to the information I have this was released on a very limited cassette only compilation in 2017. Now if I had known about it I would have gone to my local tape shop and buyed(sic)  it. This is a prime piece on Psych with some fantastic backmasking being the star of the show.

Vamos Companeros

Taken from a download only (as far I am aware) compilation. This is a fabulous beat infested number, which just has to be heard. Also it is a brave reworking of the Harmonia & Eno track. Now I have to admit to not knowing too much about Harmonia, I think it mainly because I know what will happen and that is I will start becoming obsessed. Unfortunately for my bank manager I think that door may have just been opened.

Well there you have it, not so much of a review but more of an overview, which has took me a very long time to write simply because each track has set me off only little journeys, it’s been a bit Hansel and Gretel, with me following a trail of sweets to pasture new. These things, these collections don’t often work but this really does, it is far more than a mere gap filler or a  mopping up operation. This is just a damn good collection of music by what I consider to be one of the best bands around today.













wilder penfield 40

lupine wavelengths 18



true belivers 22


land of the sun 43

universal 20

rucktoss 35

rethreads ?

vamos(the blog that celebrates itself)

knoledge and conv (1st album live)

loyus island sunwolf



My Best Of 2017

If you have seen my end of year list before then you will know the whole thing was done in an FA Cup kind of way, with my three chickens choosing who played who and leaving me to make the often impossible decision of which album I preferred. This of course often led to me slowly loosing the plot, to the point where I started to wonder were the chicken’s doing it on purpose?  a bid to remove me from power so that they could move into the big house. This year no chickens were involved in the decision making because the local fox (no not the bar maid at the Psychedelic Arms, grow up) decided that chicken was on the menu. So I’ve sat alone with parchment and quill, stroked my beard thoughtfully and gazed into the distance in a bard like fashion. So this list is all my fault and I take full responsibility for it. I own 90% of these albums the other 10% I played on various platforms and they no doubt would have different placings if I actually owned them because nothing beats a beer, sitting in my favourite chair and that vinyl experience. There is probably another 30 odd release that didn’t make the list. Some of these were E.P.s most notably by Thee Telepaths and Cegvera- Creations. Lastly I would just like to thank the bloggers in particularly  Psych Insight, Dayz of Purple and Orange and Soundsberg for bringing stuff to my attention. The promoters who put on the all the gigs (especially The Other Window who brought so many bands to my doorstep). The labels of which there are so many, but I must single out Cardinal Fuzz, Riot Season, Drone Rock Records, God Unknown, Rocket Recordings, Sky Lantern, Beyond, Beyond is Beyond, Weird Beard. Of course non of the above would exist without the bands who make the music. If you stumble on this list and your band or favourite band isn’t on it don’t worry keep on keeping on, I’ve probably not heard it and this list will be in a different order next week, rendering this whole exercise pointless and remember Neil Young’s Hitchhiker didn’t make the list, mind you he gets his own list, with only him on it.

1. Mèsange- Heliotrpe (God Unknown)

It has been a busy year for Luke Mawdsley, a solo cassette only album, a second album with Caviller Song touring with Mugstar and this dubious honour. Mésange is his collaboration with violinist Agathe Max who is part of the duo (along with Gareth Turner Anthroprophh and Big Naturals) that recorded last years winner, Kuro. This album has has to be one of the the most chilled out albums of the year, the clever bit though is the depth of the album there is something unsettling lurking beneath these serene soundscapes. I also had the pleasure of seeing them play live and it really was something special.


2.Dead Sea Apes-Sixth Side Of The Pentagon (Cardinal Fuzz)

I said all along this was a contender for my album of the year and it was a very close call. I gave it a glowing review earlier on in the year and it has lost non of it’s impact. Their creeping, twisted space dub is a constant joy and with a double album due in a couple of weeks (keep your eyes peeled on the Cardinal Fuzz shop), it looks like its going to be another great year for the band.

3. The Cosmic Dead – Psych Is Dead (Riot Season)

If you want actual proof that psych is not dead then listen to, no buy (you will thank me) this album, even handling this album is libel to induce the condition known as ‘Fuck Me This Is Good!’ The also win gig of the year, their tinnitus inducing set at The Musician in Leicester will stay with me forever.

4.Cobra Family Picnic-Magnetic Anomaly (Cardinal Fuzz/Sky Lantern)

I said this earlier in the year ‘Cobra Family Picnic’ are one of those bands that seem to come along fully formed and their chops finely honed. Maybe it has been this bout of fine weather and the anticipation of those long hot days, either way as I spend more and more time in my garden this will surely become my soundtrack to my summer.” and I was right.

5.Myrorrs-Hasta La Victoria (Beyond,Beyond Is Beyond)

One of the most consistent bands of the last few years have made an album of hypnotic excellence. The band a few UK dates coming up, I suggest you try to get along.

6. TBWNIAS- Elevator (Cardinal Fuzz)

Kicking like a mule with tooth ache, Canada’s finest are on top form from the outset (aren’t they always!).  The band, Cardinal Fuzz and Chris Hardman have formed an (un)holy trinity, bringing out the best in all three, something that can only be achieved with mutual respect and this makes the final product cooler than the other side of the pillow.

7. Pigsx7 – Feed The Rats (Rocket Recordings)

Porky perfection, I wrote earlier this year ‘Absolute total fucking chaos, this is the sound of a band being thrown down some stairs, concrete stairs, concrete spiral stairs, long concrete spiral stairs…..slowly. ”

8. Earthling Society – Zen Bastard (Drone Rock Records)

Cooking Disasters courtesy of a great album “This is NOT a cooking album! I mean the album is cooking, but it is not to be played whilst cooking. I made a lovely pie using some turkey left over from Christmas, some turkey stock a few manky looking veg and half a jar of cranberry sauce. Stick it in the oven and waited forty minutes. Enough time to play side one of the new Earthling Society album, and zone out, check pie, realise oven is not turned on, turn oven on play side two, zone out, check pie, oh that’s looking good, play side one again, zone out, shit! The pie!”

9. John McBain-Accidental Soundtracks Vol 1 (God Uknown)

John McBain’s resume is faultless and yet for some (God) unknown reason I still approached this with some trepidation.  I’ve played this to pretty much anyone who will listen and each time I’ve got that approving nod. An incredible album by an incredible talent.

10. The Janitors- Horn Ur Marken  (Cardinal Fuzz/Sky Lantern/Riot Season)

This eagerly anticipated album didn’t disappoint. Seven glorious slices of fuzzed up drone from the Swedish underground.

11. Plastic Crimewave Syndicate- Thunderbolt of Flaming Wisdom (cardinal Fuzz)

Released at the tail end of the year I wrote “This my good reader is psychedelic punk, it’s the unruly kid that sits at the back of the psych class, throwing bits of paper at all the nicely dress goody, goody psych kids, its a big bad brown acid munching motherfucker of an album that will jump out of your speakers and knock you on your ass.”.

12. Colossloth – Heathen Needles (Cold Spring)

A dark masterpiece, which I really enjoyed and gets repeated plays “Colossloth’s manipulation of static and white noise to create these strange yet compelling soundscapes is what sets him apart from his peers. The album has the sound of an untold dystopian force fighting it out with ancient and mythical guardians of nature”.

13. Gnoomes- Tschak! (Rocket Recordings)

Second album from these purveyors of kraut/Psych got the thumbs up “album closer B-Day, here all of the bands ideas come together in six  breathtaking minutes of pop, psychedelia and experimentation.”.

14. Blown Out- Superior Venus (Riot Season)

I said “they have a knack of making fuckin’ epic albums” and I was right they do!

15. Mt Mountain- Dust (Cardinal Fuzz)

Four tracks that had me thinking of bands such as Earth, Swans and even Boris when they’re in a mellow mood. An absolutely captivating listen.

16. Cavalier Song- A Deeper Well (God Unknown)

Certainly a band not happy with being pigeon holed, the album, the sound and the delivery seems to have matured so much from last years debut.

17. Tbwnias – Cosmic Curios (Weird Beard)

The band that just keeps on giving. This collection of previously unreleased or hard to find tracks is proof that some bands just have it whatever it is. I mean this is just a bunch of improvised tracks, that have sat gathering dust waiting for the right moment, well here they are and thank Merlin’s beard they’ve seen the light of day.


As country we are divided, as planet we are confused. At times it feels like we are in some kind fucked episode of Black Mirror from which we can’t escape. Thankfully Salford noise terrorist Gnod have provided us with a soundtrack.

19. White Manna- Bleeding Eyes (Cardinal Fuzz)

When I found out White Manna were playing Leicester, I dug out their previous album ‘Pan’ and played it to death so much so that when this album arrived it got played and the strangely put on hold. It was my youngest daughter that chose to play it recently at which point my jaw hit the floor.

20. Hibushibire- Freak Out Orgasm!(Riot Season)

You can’t buy everything can you! Sometimes you just find yourself  walking around muttering into your beard cursing cash flow and a shitty job that doesn’t pay. If Mr Riot Season decides to another pressing then I will not make the same mistake. An album that will appeal who their psych a little more, shall we say ‘full on’.

21. Kungens Män – Dag & Natt ( Adansonia Records! )

Just when you thought the Swedish music scene couldn’t possibly spew another flashback inducing band this lot come along and deliver some kind of Kosmische, freeform, drone, jazz thing. That may sound odd but it really is very good.

22. Lamagaia -S/T (Cardinal Fuzz)

I said “It is an absolute pleasure to hear albums like this and then go off and write about them. I couldn’t give a monkeys if anyone reads them, the fact that they do and take time to work their way through my typos and my lax attitude towards grammar fills me with pride. As long as albums are being released that are this good, I’m going to take time out to write about them.” If you want read more it’s here.

23. Slomo- Transits

“It has been five long years since Slomo last decided to spew out their unsettling brand of doom laden experimental noise. In those five years this new album has been created, no birthed, no this albums sounds like  Holy McGrail and Howard Marsden have stolen the TARDIS headed  back to the dawn of time and recorded the sound of the primordial ooze and played it back through the kind of contraption that was marked ‘Warning electronic brain fucking machine’. This is the fourth Slomo and although I would like to say it picks up from where their last album (The Grain) left off, I’m not entirely sure that it does. You see the thing is as their name suggest, Slomo move slowly, but they do move, like the sinking rays of sunlight that seem hover in the sky forever and then suddenly plunges us into darkness.” Full review here.

24. Myrrors/ Centralstödet (Cardinal Fuzz)

“The Myrrors are just stupidly cool, they look and sound like a band that are going to be huge (do bands still get huge?) and seem to get better with every release Enhanced Earth was one of the standout albums of last year. As for Centralstodet they from Sweden which means you have already reached for your wallet because everything that comes out of Sweden these days seems to be incredible and this lot are no exception. I always approach split releases with a bit of caution in case the two artist clash, but there is nothing to fear here because not only do these bands compliment each other but they are both on top of their game in a big way.” full review here.

25. Here Lies Man – S/T

There is something quite brilliant about this album with its Sabbath meets Afrobeat groove. It really should higher on the list, but I don’t own it and therefore its not been played as much. I really should right this wrong.

26. Julies Haircut- Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin(Rocket Recordings)

“There are sharp turns in this album, that at first listen can lead to puzzlement, but that is also it’s strength because the more you come back to it, the puzzle comes together and you start to get the bigger picture and it’s only then do you get how clever and brilliant this album really is.” I wrote this earlier last year.

27. Electric Moon – Stardust Rituals (Sulatron)

Another album that makes the list through streaming only. Electric Moon have been consistently brilliant from the start and this album is no different.

28. Hotel Wrecking City Traders-Passage To Agartha (Cardinal Fuzz)

“What HWCT have achieved here in my opinion is nothing short of remarkable, they have managed to do is not only touch bases with so many other genres but glance back in their rear view mirror and keep driving their sound forward. Here is an album of length, depth and variety that deserves your attention.  So grab yourself a copy from here , here or anywhere you can, whilst you can.” A killer double album!

29. TBWNIAS/ Crab Boat – Quality Roll (Cardinal Fuzz)

Although this album maybe a tribute to the loss of a friend, what actually feels like is a celebration of life. TBWNIAS give two tracks first at the request of their friend is an interpretation of The Creator Has A Master Plan by Pharoah Sanders it showcases all of the traits that we have come to expect and love by the band. A strong steady beat with fills used as a weapon rather than part of the beat a rolling bass that emphasises the groove and allows the band to explore. They follow it with Hepsibah (a name for girls is of Hebrew derivation, and the name Hepsibah means “my delight is in her”) a track with such a beautiful that the music just had a lot live up and it does. Crab Boat give us the thirty five minute track MRI, I say track but this is more of a journey. Its the kind of multi layered psych trip that offers unexpected twists and turns, with the fine art of little is more being used to its full potential.

30. Vert:x- From Now To Now-(Weird Beard Records)

This album has been a long time coming, over the years tracks have cropped up on cdr’s and various compilations. So it’s great to see a bunch of heads (and beards) finally get together and get this album out on vinyl. So we have two firsts here, the first full on proper album by Vert:x and the first release on Weird Beard, and what a fantastic way to start for both of them. You can buy the physical album here but, where your physical self ends up, who can tell.









Colossloth – Heathen Needles (Cold Spring)

It’s difficult to know where to start when an album actually scares you shitless, this album is riddled with some very unpleasant sounds, the kind of unworldly sounds that seem like they are the tortured soundtrack of the dead. The clever part is this is all underpinned with a variety of textures that give the music so much depth.

Having seen Colossloth  live on a number of occasions this year I feel like I’m already familiar with a lot of the tracks, but hearing them in the comfort of my own home is an all new experience. Colossloth’s manipulation of static and white noise to create these strange yet compelling soundscapes is what sets him apart from his peers. The album itself contains all the sonic elements of last years Outstretch Your Hands For the Impress of Truth LP, but this time there is even more depth, the lighter elements have a more prominent role which in turn enhance the harsher aspects. One of the album highlights is ‘Comfort In Defeat’, it leaps out of the speakers full of electrical chatter, with a heavy drone simmering in the background, as the drone grows the harsh white noise is replaced with more gentile components before finishing with just a lone acoustic guitar. In a little over three minutes  the sound has gone from a meltdown at Skynet to a more ancient sound, the overall feel of the album has the sound of an untold dystopian force fighting it out with ancient and mythical guardians of nature. The album closes with a dark ambient prog epic (ahem) titled ‘Sedentary Signal’ in which every part of the Colossloth sound is stretched and dissected over eleven claustrophobic minutes.

Heathen Needles is an album that rewards the listener over and over again and deserve repeated listens.